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throughout the UK.

Scott Brant, operations director at Vizulate Digital, said: “The fact that Parker Howley & Co has grown its audience organicall­y and without a website to date is testament to the reputation it has created for itself using social media.

“Customers now have a dedicated website where they can place their orders, and the search engine marketing campaign will enable Parker Howley & Co to reach new audiences.”

Mike Howley, co-director at Parker Howley & Co, said: “We are confident the team at Vizulate will help drive sales and grow the business further through the e-commerce site.

“The team took the time to understand exactly where we want to take the business, and we appreciate their transparen­t approach and significan­t industry expertise.” number of families living in rented accommodat­ion continues to rise.

The current system has been blamed for a rise in homelessne­ss and a decrease in standards of living by making it difficult for tenants to raise concerns about a property for fear of eviction. Under the proposals, landlords will have to provide a concrete, evidenced reason specified in law for bringing tenancies to an end.

However, landlords might see the reform as putting power in the hands of the tenants rather than creating stability in the rental market and a review of the court process for removing tenants who had breached the terms of their tenancy has been called for. There is a fear that without ‘no fault’ evictions landlords will be driven out of the private rental market, fearful that they will not be able to gain possession of their property quickly.

In response to this, the government has proposed to enhance the grounds for eviction under Section 8, including adding an additional ground for eviction to allow landlords to regain possession of their property for the purposes of selling or moving into it and to streamline the court process for residentia­l landlords applying for a possession order.

There are plans for the Courts and Tribunal Service Possession Reform Programme to digitise elements of court procedure in order to speed up the process and reduce the potential for evidential errors in support of an applicatio­n for possession.

Whether this will impact on the housing market as a whole only time will tell but certainly landlords and buy to let lenders may review the viability of the market, which in turn could result in a reduction in houses for rent. Landlords and tenants alike must make sure they review all their documentat­ion at the start of the tenancy agreement, so they are confident about what they have agreed to from the outset.

 ??  ?? L-R Ryan and Scott Brant, founders at Vizulate Digital in Brighouse
L-R Ryan and Scott Brant, founders at Vizulate Digital in Brighouse
 ??  ?? Jane Gregory
Jane Gregory

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