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Is good spelling ‘elitist’?

- Kathleen Sexton.

University of Hull policy has been questioned by TV personalit­y and author Christine Hamilton on Good Morning Britain after it announced that students will not be marked down for poor spelling, grammar and punctuatio­n in exams because it would be “elitist”.

Hull University’s dumbing down policy is appalling. So education is dropped to the lowest level to accommodat­e those with poor learning skills. So the brighter ones are dragged down not the other way around. Nothing to aspire to or learn. Next year they will be just grunting.

Trevor Pitcher.

Surely we send our children to school to learn these things. Surely going to university is elitist.

Ruth Livingston­e.

Of course spelling, grammar and punctuatio­n are important, in order to convey to the reader what you are trying to say. However, to lose marks for spelling has always seemed a little harsh, especially when under exam conditions where time is important.

Dee Harrison.

Education should be inclusive at all levels. But all my education doesn’t explain why Christine Hamilton is still relevant in any way or why her opinion matters.

Fiona Fox.

Absolute rubbish. Will they apply this same laxity to other errors?

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