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Photos capture majestic dolphins


A WILDLIFE photograph­er spotted “around 30” bottlenose dolphins at Bempton Cliffs and captured pictures of the magnificen­t creatures.

Martin Pritchett saw the school of dolphins on Monday afternoon and says it was a “once-in-a- lifetime moment”.

He was standing at one of the viewing points when he saw the creatures – even though he had set out to snap puffins and gannets at the beauty spot.

“It was as a bright sunny day and to everyone’s excitement and surprise a couple of bottlenose dolphins appeared suddenly reaching in excess of 30,” said Mr Pritchett.

“It was wonderful to see them play in the sea – they slowly made their way past Bempton Cliffs and off in to the distance.

“I could see children getting all excited, as well as myself, my friend Corey and many other onlookers.

“With anything wildlife and nature it can be that chance, that moment, that once-in-a-lifetime opportunit­y to capture something special.”

Bottlenose dolphins are the most familiar of our dolphins and most likely seen from British shores and can reach speeds of more than 18 miles an hour.

They surface often to breathe, doing so two or three times a minute and travel in social groups and communicat­e with each other by a complex system of squeaks and whistles.

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 ?? PICTURES: MARTIN PRITCHETT ?? Dolphins spotted at Bempton Cliffs
PICTURES: MARTIN PRITCHETT Dolphins spotted at Bempton Cliffs

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