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Pho­tos Li­brary

Click here to ac­cess the Pho­tos Li­brary. You can then browse through any pho­tos and stills that were cap­tured on your iphone and up­loaded to icloud. This gives you a rich range of pic­tures and clips to edit in imovie.

Choose an al­bum or col­lec­tion

Click here to choose a Pho­tos al­bum to ex­plore. Dou­ble-click on an al­bum or col­lec­tion’s thumb­nail to view its con­tents. You can pre­view a clip or still and then drag it straight into imovie’s time­line.

Dif­fer­ent me­dia

If you add a slo-mo clip to the time­line then it will au­to­mat­i­cally slow down. You can fine-tune the re­sult by clicking the ‘Speed’ icon above the viewer then choos­ing a dif­fer­ent set­ting from the Speed drop-down menu.

Add moves to stills

By de­fault imovie adds a four-sec­ond cam­era move to each im­ported photo. You can change the de­fault zoom in by mod­i­fy­ing the size and po­si­tion of the Ken Burns start and end frames. Trim the clip to change its du­ra­tion.

Knowl­edge base Cus­tomise the To­day view

In­stead of swip­ing through an iphone al­bum to show pho­tos to friends, you can dis­play a mu­si­cal mon­tage of stills and clips. Go to an al­bum, click ‘Select’ and then click the Share icon. Tap ‘Slideshow’. Tap ‘Op­tions’ to choose a theme (such as Dis­solve) and select a mu­sic track. Click ‘Done’ to play the slideshow there and then.

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