Im­prove con­trast with layer blends

Dis­cover a tech­nique that will boost con­trast with­out los­ing de­tail in the bright­est high­lights and dark­est shad­ows

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When shoot­ing footage with your cam­era set to Auto you may en­counter prob­lems with tone, with some ar­eas over or un­der-ex­posed. Re­cov­er­ing miss­ing tonal de­tail can be tricky. Pro videog­ra­phers shoot with their cam­era set to a neu­tral mode, which cre­ates flat con­trast clips more likely to fea­ture de­tail in the shad­ows and high­lights. You could use Fi­nal Cut Pro’s Color Board to in­crease con­trast, but this risks blow­ing out high­light de­tail or clip­ping shad­ows.

Thanks to an al­ter­na­tive layer-blend­ing tech­nique you can boost con­trast with­out los­ing de­tail. We’ve pro­vided a flat, de­sat­u­rated Gopro-sourced clip and we’ll show you how to in­crease its con­trast and boost colours while pre­serv­ing de­tail.

Fi­nal Cut Pro’s toolset lets you boost the con­trast of your im­ages with­out los­ing any of the de­tail…

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