Im­prove colour and tone

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1 Sum­mon his­togram

Choose File>im­port Me­dia. Browse to our as­set and choose ‘Im­port Se­lected’. Drag the boat clip to the time­line. Choose View>show in Viewer>video Scopes. Set to ‘His­togram’.

2 Read the his­togram

The his­togram’s un­du­lat­ing graph is clumped to­wards the mid­dle. There are no strong shad­ows or bright high­lights. This graph in­di­cates that the clip lacks con­trast.

3 Layer your clips

Click on the clip in the time­line. Choose Edit>copy. Pop the play­head at frame 1 and choose Edit>paste. Drag the copied clip up onto a layer run­ning par­al­lel with the orig­i­nal.

4 Call the In­spec­tor

Choose Win­dow>show in Workspace> in­spec­tor. Make sure you’ve clicked the top layer. In the Com­posit­ing sec­tion set Blend Mode to ‘Over­lay’.

5 Check the his­togram

Look at the his­togram graph. It now stretches more to­wards the left, in­di­cat­ing darker shad­ows. It also stretches fur­ther right, show­ing the pres­ence of brighter high­lights.

6 Fine-tune con­trast

The ad­van­tage of us­ing Over­lay blend­ing mode is that you can’t clip (over-ex­pose) the bright­est high­lights. Fine-tune the con­trast by re­duc­ing the Opac­ity of the top layer to 90%.

7 Cre­ate com­pound clip

To de­clut­ter a time­line Shift+click to select both clips. Choose File> new> com­pound Clip. La­bel the clip. Click ‘OK’. The flattened clip now ap­pears in the time­line as one layer.

8 Add Color Board

Press Cmd+5 for the Ef­fects browser. Click the ‘Color’ sec­tion. Drag Color Board onto the com­pound clip. In the Video In­spec­tor dou­ble-click ‘Color Board 1’ for the con­trols.

9 Boost saturation

Click on the Color Board’s ‘Saturation’ but­ton. Drag the Mas­ter saturation con­trol to 60%. Drag Shad­ows to 37% and Mid­tones to 68%. This cre­ates a more colour­ful clip.

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