Us­ing the new Beat Se­quencer

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1 Sound browser

To start us­ing the Beat Se­quencer, tap the ‘Browser’ but­ton to view the main Sound browser be­fore swip­ing along to Drums and then tap­ping the ‘Beat Se­quencer’ but­ton.

2 Beat Se­quencer

Beat Se­quencer opens on an empty grid, con­sist­ing of beat blocks, or ‘steps’, that tog­gle loop­ing rows of drum kit pieces on or off. The Mod­ern 808 kit is se­lected by de­fault.

3 Cus­tom beats

You sim­ply tap grid steps to light them

‘on’ man­u­ally so they sound the cor­re­spond­ing kit piece for each row on any given 1/16 beat step, tap­ping them again to turn off.

4 Fine-tun­ing

The grid loops, so once you have a de­sired re­peat­ing pat­tern built up you can tap the power ‘standby’ but­ton be­low to pre­view play­back, while still tog­gling steps to edit.

5 Kit switch­ing

You can change the se­lected drum kit and the sound of each kit piece by tap­ping the name in the lower-left cor­ner. Select a kit from the menu or sim­ply swipe left/right to cy­cle.

6 Pre-set pat­terns

An ex­pand­able col­lec­tion of pre-built pat­terns is also avail­able. Tap the ad­ja­cent ‘Pat­terns’ but­ton to tap a thumb­nail and load a de­sired pat­tern, with all fully cus­tomis­able.

7 Row set­tings

Tap­ping a drum kit piece shows Row Set­tings. Here you can not only delete or re­set rows but also change the Kit Piece to a range of other per­cus­sions such as Cow­bell.

8 At­tack ve­loc­ity

Among the five but­tons in the right cor­ner is Ve­loc­ity. Tap this to show the ve­loc­ity lev­els of each step, press­ing and hold­ing to drag the lev­els and raise or lower vol­ume.

9 Press record

Fi­nally, you ac­tu­ally cap­ture your beats to a song by tap­ping the ‘Record’ but­ton in the con­trol bar above, press­ing ‘Play’ to stop. The recorded part ap­pears within Tracks view.

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