Top tweaks for faster starts

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1 Re­move lo­gin items

Go to Sys­tem Pref­er­ences>users & Groups, then on the ‘Lo­gin Items’ tab select each ap­pli­ca­tion and click the ‘–’ icon to stop it start­ing when your Mac boots up.

2 Trim the menu

If there are ex­tra items in the menu bar, Alt+click or right-click on them and go to ‘Pref­er­ences’. Now untick ‘Start on sys­tem startup’. Run menu ex­tras only when needed.

3 Find more items

Open a new Fin­der win­dow and select the Mac’s disk in the side­bar. Ex­pand the Li­brary folder and look down the list for two fold­ers called Laun­cha­gents and Launch­dae­mons.

4 Agents and Dae­mons

These two fold­ers show apps that au­tostart. It’s best not to delete them. In­stead, open the apps to see if they can be pre­vented from auto-start­ing in their pref­er­ences. Or unin­stall.

5 More Laun­cha­gents

Hold down Alt, click ‘Go’ and select ‘Li­brary’. There is an­other Laun­cha­gents folder with more startup items. Stop them in the app’s Pref­er­ences or unin­stall them.

6 Get Etrecheck

There is a use­ful app for check­ing what’s slow­ing your Mac’s startup called Etrecheck. Down­load it ( and run it. En­ter the de­scrip­tion and click ‘Start Etrecheck’.

7 View the re­sults

Scroll down the re­sults and look in the var­i­ous sec­tions to see what loads with macos. Other apps, in­ter­net plug-ins and Sa­fari ex­ten­sions should be scru­ti­nised.

8 Use the unin­staller

If auto-start­ing apps can­not be stopped, unin­stall them. Some apps can­not be re­moved by drag­ging them to the Trash, so you must use the unin­staller soft­ware if pro­vided.

9 Use App­trap

You can get the App­trap Sys­tem Pref­er­ences pane from on­­trap, With this you can drag apps from Ap­pli­ca­tions to the Trash and left­over files are deleted too.

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