To buy out­right or on con­tract?

This is a very per­sonal choice, but there are pros and cons to both


There are many ways to buy a new iphone, and how you do so will come down to a va­ri­ety of fac­tors. The cheapest way to get a new iphone is to buy the phone out­right and get a sep­a­rate Sim-only deal with ex­actly what you need. But not every­one can af­ford such a big out­lay in the first place.

De­pend­ing on your credit his­tory

(and please make sure you can af­ford re­pay­ments), Ap­ple has been known to of­fer 12-month 0% fi­nance deals on or­ders over £500. You could use a 0% in­ter­est credit card of­fer too. This way, over the 24 months of a stan­dard mo­bile con­tract, you could save up to £200.

You can al­ways sell an old iphone to fund part of your pur­chase, and most tech com­pa­nies will of­fer a trade-in dis­count if you hand over an old de­vice. Pay­ing monthly is still a good op­tion if you pre­fer min­i­mal up­front out­lay, and if you shop around us­ing com­par­i­son sites you can find some bril­liant of­fers even on the lat­est iphones. These sites give you a handy ‘24-month cost’ too, so it’s easy to see your to­tal fi­nan­cial com­mit­ment.

You’ll be amazed what your net­work car­rier will be able to do if you speak to them about a bet­ter deal, es­pe­cially if you’re due an up­grade or ‘threaten’ po­litely to leave. Re­mem­ber they don’t re­ally have loy­alty to you and play­ing them off against each other is of­ten the best way to get the best deal.

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