Pro­tect your Mac

There are many steps you can take to keep your data safe


Find your de­vice

Make sure you have ‘Find

My Mac‘ ticked in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences>icloud. Then in the event of you los­ing your Mac, go to in any browser, log in and then click on ‘Find iphone’ to re­veal its lo­ca­tion.

Lo­ca­tion alert

It is im­por­tant to en­able

Lo­ca­tion Ser­vices in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences>se­cu­rity & Pri­vacy>pri­vacy so that you will get lo­ca­tion alerts when some­body is try­ing to use your Mac. You can al­low or dis­al­low ac­cess re­motely.

Ver­i­fi­ca­tion codes

With Two-factor Au­then­ti­ca­tion en­abled, a ver­i­fi­ca­tion code will be sent to your other trusted Ap­ple de­vices when some­one is try­ing to ac­cess your ac­count. You will need to en­ter your pass­word and this code to com­plete au­then­ti­ca­tion.

Two-factor Au­then­ti­ca­tion

When first set­ting this fea­ture up you will be prompted to do so within your icloud Sys­tem Pref­er­ences. There­after, go to Sys­tem Pref­er­ences>icloud>ac­count De­tails and click on ‘Se­cu­rity’. You can change your pass­word here.

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