Your own dy­namic desk­top

Build an ever-chang­ing desk­top


Add your photo fold­ers

Cre­ate fold­ers in the Pic­tures folder and copy pho­to­graphs to them so they can be used as desk­top im­ages. Then click the ‘+’ but­ton be­low and se­lect the folder to add it to the list.

Ever-chang­ing desk­top im­age

Tick the box, then go to ‘Change pic­ture ev­ery’ and se­lect a time like ‘Ev­ery 30 min­utes’ or ‘Ev­ery hour’. You don’t need to wait an hour to see if it is work­ing – set it to ‘5 sec­onds’ to test it.

Desk­top wall­pa­per op­tions

Pho­to­graphs may not be the same res­o­lu­tion or as­pect ra­tio of the screen, so this menu lets you choose how to deal with them. Fill Screen is a good choice, but click the menu for more.

Photo thumb­nails

To cre­ate an ef­fect like the macos dy­namic desk­top that changes over time, you will need to take sev­eral pho­tos through­out the day. We faked it by us­ing Pre­view to darken and lighten an im­age.

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