A multi-task­ing mar­vel


The days of strug­gling to run more than one app at once are well and truly over. The power in the new ipad Pro means you can run the most de­mand­ing apps to­gether at any time with­out miss­ing a beat. If any­thing the hard­ware is run­ning ahead of the soft­ware, which is a good thing be­cause it means that it will take some time for the ipad Pro to ever feel com­pro­mised, which will of­fer much peace of mind.

Keep­ing fo­cus

The best way to work is to keep one app that you need to keep re­turn­ing to in fo­cus and to use a sec­ond app as a coun­ter­part to your main work­flow.

The Dock

If you have used a Mac you will be fa­mil­iar with the Dock, and it works al­most iden­ti­cally on the ipad Pro. Jump be­tween apps and al­ways have what you need to hand in­stantly.

The sec­ond app

You can use more than one app at a time and move ob­jects be­tween each of them with just your fin­ger. It re­ally is as smooth as silk in use and it never skips a beat.

In the sys­tem

The Ap­ple ecosys­tem is of course present, mean­ing that you can con­tinue view­ing web pages and deal with other work that has been started on a Mac or an iphone.

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