What ipad Pro changes can Ap­ple bring to IOS 13?


The ipad Pro has the hard­ware – and with ac­ces­sories – the tools to help you do al­most any­thing, but there are ar­eas that could be changed to make it a com­plete so­lu­tion for all of your tasks.

1 macos apps

The Ap­ple solutions for macos could be ported to the ipad Pro to give you the best the com­pany can of­fer.

2 Third-party tools

We al­ready know that the full ver­sion of Pho­to­shop is com­ing to ipad, but what about other cre­ative apps, like In­de­sign?

3 A dock­ing sta­tion?

Imag­ine an IOS 13 com­pat­i­ble dock with a big screen and full-sized key­board to cre­ate a trans­formable imac!

4 For­get the scal­ing

IOS on the ipad looks like a scaled-up iphone in­ter­face, but it could have a unique and denser ipad in­ter­face.

5 Limit the lim­its

Ap­ple should con­sider open­ing up the re­stric­tions for the ipad Pro, such as al­low­ing use of the VP9 video codec.

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