Cre­ate a sum­mer vibe

Com­bine fil­ters us­ing lay­ers

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We ap­plied a Glow fil­ter to cre­ate a warmer con­trast­ing light ef­fect. By pop­ping the fil­tered clip on a cut­away layer we were able to re­duce its Opac­ity. This made the over-the-top fil­ter ef­fect look more sub­tle.

Orig­i­nal footage

On a cold, overcast day an un­pro­cessed clip’s colours may look drab and a lit­tle blue. Due to clouds there may not be much con­trast, lead­ing to flat tones. For­tu­nately, we can warm up colours, boost sat­u­ra­tion and in­crease con­trast.

Colour cor­rec­tion

The Colour cor­rec­tion icon gives you ac­cess to tools that man­u­ally warm up (or cool down) colours. You can also in­crease con­trast and boost sat­u­ra­tion for more vi­brant, eye-catch­ing colours.

Skin Tone Bal­ance

The Skin Tone Bal­ance tool gives you an eye­drop­per that lets you sam­ple skin tones. If they are too cool due to an in­cor­rect in-cam­era white bal­ance set­ting then it will in­stantly warm up the colours, cre­at­ing a less win­tery look.

Knowl­edge base Colour bal­ance

To a cam­era, in­door light ap­pears warm and orange, while out­door light can be cold and blue. Your cam­era can per­form an Auto White Bal­ance (AWB) op­er­a­tion to pro­duce true colours.

If it de­tects blue light it will warm up the shot. On find­ing orange light it will cool the colours down. imovie’s Colour bal­ance tools help you fine-tune in­cor­rectly bal­anced colours.

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