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Key fea­tures

20+ hours of play­time • Blue­tooth 5.0 • Multi-di­rec­tional sound

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Proof that great things can come in small pack­ages, Mar­shall’s new Kil­burn II Blue­tooth speaker of­fers up style, so­phis­ti­ca­tion, porta­bil­ity and huge sound – all from a com­pact unit mea­sur­ing 24.3 x 16.2 x 14cm. What’s more, the Kil­burn II pro­vides 20+ hours of play­back time and is ready and wait­ing to go any­where with you.

Rugged and durable

Com­ing from the com­pany that is syn­ony­mous with durable, hard-wear­ing amps that are built to with­stand a life­time on the road, the Kil­burn II fea­tures flush mounted cor­ner caps, the same tex­tured, pro­tec­tive cas­ing as its ex­ten­sive range of amps, a solid metal front grille and an IPX2 rat­ing, mak­ing it im­per­vi­ous to splashes of wa­ter.


to the rel­a­tively light­weight unit (2.5kg) is a guitar-in­spired leather strap that al­lows you to carry the speaker com­fort­ably out into the gar­den, down the beach or pretty much any­where – per­fect for what­ever ad­ven­tures 2019 has in store for you. On a full charge, which can be reached in ap­prox­i­mately 2.5 hours, the Kil­burn II pro­vides 20+ hours of por­ta­ble play­time, and a vis­ual LED in­di­ca­tor on top of the unit lets you know ex­actly how much juice is left in the bank. It is also equipped with Blue­tooth 5.0 aptx tech­nol­ogy, which is eas­ily pairable with your Mac or IOS de­vice by tap­ping a but­ton on top of the unit, and has a range of up to ten me­tres.

Multi-di­rec­tional sound

Be­yond the sump­tu­ous style and porta­bil­ity of the Kil­burn II, it is the huge sound that it man­ages to kick out that re­ally blows the mind. Pow­ered by 36 Watts, the unit has been spe­cially en­gi­neered to pro­duce large, multi-di­rec­tional sound that fills the room and projects re­mark­ably well in large, open spa­ces. A top panel fea­tures ana­logue con­trol knobs for bass, tre­ble and vol­ume, al­low­ing you to fine-tune the sound to your spec­i­fi­ca­tions. Ramped right up, the 20-Watt Class D woofer amp and the twin eight-watt Class D tweeter amps make it sound like you’re host­ing your own mini Kneb­worth in your back gar­den. The de­tail and range of sound that the Kil­burn II pro­duces puts many units twice the size to shame. We tested it across a wide and var­ied range of styles, from heavy rock to EDM, and it was very re­spect­ful of even the most sub­tle of sounds.

Ac­cen­tu­at­ing fur­ther the party as­pect of the Kil­burn II is its multi-host func­tion­al­ity. You can con­nect two de­vices to it si­mul­ta­ne­ously via Blue­tooth and then switch be­tween them at will with very lit­tle breakup of the sound con­ti­nu­ity, al­though this can be some­thing of a down­side if oth­ers aren’t keen on your taste in mu­sic and take it upon them­selves to over­ride your se­lec­tion! There is also an 3.5mm AUX port on the back, so if you want to hook it up to your old retro ipod then the op­tion is there, al­though you will have to sup­ply your own ca­ble.

From the retro rock de­sign to the durable build, the Kil­burn II is a wor­thy ad­di­tion to Mar­shall’s other Blue­tooth speak­ers, in­clud­ing the Ac­ton and Stan­more. Yet while those speak­ers are sig­nif­i­cantly bulkier and louder, the Kil­burn II has the edge in terms of a smaller size, lighter weight, wa­ter-tight con­struc­tion and fetch­ing carry strap that makes it truly por­ta­ble. And it doesn’t seem to sacri­fice much by way of sound qual­ity over its big­ger brothers. Set­ting its stall out early, this is the Blue­tooth speaker to beat in 2019.


A big sound from a com­pact unit, the Kil­burn II is a rugged, lov­able box of de­lights that can be taken ab­so­lutely any­where.

The Kil­burn II is rugged, durable and won’t re­quire a roadie to carry for you

The metal grille and legendary Mar­shall logo on the front of the Kil­burn II just screams rock ‘n’ roll!

The back of the unit fea­tures a 3.5mm AUX in­put if you want to con­nect an old ipod or sim­i­lar de­vice to it

Ana­logue knobs on the top of the unit al­low you to fine-tune the bass, tre­ble and vol­ume to suit your taste

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