Turn winter to sum­mer

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1 Im­port file

Go to imovie’s projects pane. Click ‘Cre­ate New’. Choose Movie. Choose File>new Event. La­bel it. Click ‘Im­port Me­dia’. Browse to our ‘win­ter_s­tart.mp4’ file. Click ‘Im­port Se­lected’.

2 Add to time­line

Drag the im­ported winter clip into the time­line. Tap the space­bar to play. The colours are cold and the tones are flat and lack the con­trast pro­duced by a stronger sun.

3 Bal­ance the colours

Click on the ‘Colour bal­ance’ icon above the viewer. Click the ‘Skin Tone Bal­ance’ but­ton. Click the eye drop­per on the girl to warm up her skin tone. Click the tick.

4 Warm it up

Click the ‘Colour cor­rec­tion’ icon above the viewer. Drag the Ad­just sat­u­ra­tion slider to the right for more vi­brant colours. Drag the tem­per­a­ture slider right to warm up the clip.

5 In­crease con­trast

The tones in the orig­i­nal clips are rather flat due to the overcast sky. To cre­ate a brighter and more sum­mery look, drag the white In­crease con­trast slider to the right.

6 Cre­ate lay­ered clips

Click on the clip in the time­line. Choose Edit>copy. Place the play­head at the end of the clip. Choose Edit>paste. Drag the du­pli­cate clip on top of the orig­i­nal as a new layer.

7 Add fil­ter

Click on the top layer clip. Click on the ‘Clip’ fil­ter icon above the viewer. Click the ‘Clip Fil­ter’ but­ton to open a col­lec­tion of fil­ters. Click on ‘Glow’ to bathe the scene in sunny light.

8 Re­duce fil­ter in­ten­sity

Our fil­tered layer’s high­lights are blown out. Click ‘Video Over­lay’ above the viewer. Choose the ‘Cut­away’ over­lay style. Re­duce Opac­ity to re­cover some high­light de­tail.

9 Slow it down

To en­hance the look of a sunny day click on the top clip and click the ‘Speed’ icon. Set Speed to Slow and choose 50%. Re­peat this step to slow down the clip on the bot­tom layer.

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