Cre­ative fo­cus ef­fects

Choose which ar­eas are blurred or sharp

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When shoot­ing a sub­ject with a wide cam­era aper­ture you get a blurred back­ground. This blur is called a bokeh. By blur­ring the back­ground of a clip you can make it look more cine­matic.


Here we have two lay­ers con­tain­ing the same clip. The bot­tom layer is sharp. The top layer is blurred. A grad­u­ated mask blends the two lay­ers to­gether to cre­ate a shal­low depth of field ef­fect.

Con­trol han­dles

These grad­u­ated mask con­trol han­dles en­able you to cre­ate a wider or nar­rower blend be­tween the Gaus­sian blurred top layer and the sharp bot­tom layer. You can also change the an­gle of the blur.

Fo­cus blur

The Fo­cus blur ef­fect en­ables you to cre­ate a nar­row band of fo­cus that mim­ics the cre­ative look pro­duced by a spe­cial­ist tilt shift lens.

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