Prop­erty spec­u­la­tion

Pin­point where the key prop­er­ties re­side

iCreate - - GARAGE BAND -


Project tempo is mea­sured in beats per minute (5-990 bpm) and is dis­played within this LCD panel. Click, hold and drag up or down to raise or lower the bpm rate, or dou­ble-click to type a value.

Key & scale

De­fault­ing to C Ma­jor, the project key dic­tates the cen­tral or har­monic cen­tre around which other notes re­late. Click the key in the LCD to pick be­tween keys in ma­jor or mi­nor scales.

Time sig­na­ture

Click­ing this value, which de­faults to 4/4, al­lows you to se­lect be­tween 3/4 to 12/8 or de­fine a Cus­tom op­tion. This prop­erty changes time grid bars within the tracks area and also af­fects Drum­mer track per­for­mance.

Project end point

New projects are all set up by de­fault to be 32 bars in length, but click­ing and drag­ging the end-of-project marker left or right along the ruler al­lows this to be made longer or short­ened as nec­es­sary.

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