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WEIGHT CA­PAC­ITY be­fore you buy, as it can vary be­tween 120–200kg. If the hang­ing chair doesn’t come with its own stand, think about the best place to hang it. You’ll want some­where it can hang with­out caus­ing an ob­struc­tion and where it won’t bang into any walls. It should hang about 90-110cm above the floor.

HANG YOUR CHAIR PIVOTSTYLE, which will let you ro­tate it 360 de­grees, or hang from two ropes to rock back and forth. If hang­ing hard­ware isn’t in­cluded, you’ll need a spe­cial­ist screw-in hook for the ceil­ing, plus a heavy-duty chain or rope to hang the chair from and con­nect­ing cara­bin­ers or S hooks, – all must be able to sup­port at least 140kg. IF YOU’RE NOT A DIY PRO, chair hang­ing is best left to a pro­fes­sional. It must be hung from a beam or ceil­ing joist that is able to sup­port the weight of the chair and per­son sit­ting in it. If you’re con­cerned about sup­port lim­its, go for a chair with two hang­ing rings so you can dis­trib­ute the weight be­tween two beams.


ISN’T VIS­I­BLE, you’ll need to lo­cate it us­ing a stud fin­der, which will pin­point the cen­tre of the beam. Then you can drill a hole and screw in the hang­ing hook be­fore con­nect­ing your chain or rope and hang­ing the chair.

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