It’s a way to express yourself; It is more than just a watch.

- Words: Khawer Carr Images: MB and F

Expressing yourself through fashion can be done in many ways, from the suit or dress that you wear, pearing that with the type of shoes, rings and jewellery too. However there is one item that is universal and that is a watch.

With thousands of watch brands in existence, you would think that a simple item designed to tell you the time of day would be rather dull or, at best, a tool you have on you out of necessity. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Wearing a watch is more than just a way of knowing what time it is; it’s a way to express yourself. This is done through the material used to create the watch case, the dials, and the strap. The global watch market is worth in excess of $92 billion, and according to McKinsey, a U.S.-based consulting firm, the pre-owned luxury watch market was worth $18 billion (£13.5 billion) in 2018. This number is only poised to grow to $30 billion (£22 billion) by 2025.

With that said, there is one ultra high brand that comes to mind when it comes to truley making a statement, and that is MB and F. Founded in 2005 by Maximilian Büsser, this is a brand elevates watches to new heights using gems, and exotic metals. Now, this isn’t something you you do by just waking up one morning and deciding, ‘I am going to make some expensive watches’, it comes from experience, 15 years worth. Maximilian used his experience worth with other high end brands such as Harry Winston, to create something special, he had a vision of creating 3-D kinetic art by deconstruc­ting traditiona­l watchmakin­g.


There is nothing better than a collaborat­ion between to brands that have fantastic snergy and the Flying T Allegra is a testimante to that.

The headline: This watch features 20 pieces in 18K white gold and 20 pieces in 18K red gold diamond-set cases, with fully diamond-set dial plates, adorned with fine gemstones.

The Flying T brings together two worlds, that art of jewellery making and the mechanical audacity of the watch world. This radical yet precious creation was meant to honor femininity. The name, FlyingT, is a tribute to Max Büsser’s wife, Tiffany. The T also stands for flying Tourbillon. The movement can only be read by its owner, adding a sophistica­ted touch.

This may seem simple, but it’s different in reality. The movement is built up and down around a central axis. This makes the usually hidden parts of the watch visible in a threedimen­sional constructi­on.

The top of the axis has a flying tourbillon set with diamonds and the balance. The hours and minutes dial is set at a 50-degree angle so only the owner can read the time. The caseback shows the sun-shaped oscillatin­g weight. Its gold sandblaste­d rays rotate on the ruthenium disc above a platinum counterwei­ght.

The 100-hour power reserve is possible because there are fewer gears between the regulating organ and the rotor. The organic movement can be seen under the sapphire crystal dome.

This constructi­on with its feminine

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