Being The Grey Man

- Images: Words: Ed Hill Peter Forster & Emiliano Vittoriosi

You’ve seen the headlines and you’ve heard the news – street crime is abundant. Big cities like Paris, New York and London have become a haven for criminals and with increasing cuts to policing the problem is only going to get worse. So, what can we do to protect ourselves?

In the absence of police protection or a personal bodyguard comes the realisatio­n that you’re on your own and you have to be responsibl­e for your own security – something which in the current climate should be taken very seriously.

Even if you’re a confident, black-belted martial arts ninja, little can be done against an attacker with a knife or an unexpected assault from behind. Therefore, the solution is to avoid any type of confrontat­ion or better still, avoid being noticed.

The Grey Man Concept – what is it?

The grey man concept is a term that has been drawn up by undercover military and law enforcemen­t officers to describe a method whereby an individual becomes a master of remaining inconspicu­ous to the point where he/she remains unnoticed - it is the art of blending into a crowd.

Why become the Grey Man?

The rationale comes from the notion that if a person attracts attention, then they may be subject to further scrutiny that may reveal their identity or weakness and make them prone to attack. The grey man however will not draw any attention and will not attract as much as a second glance thereby affording freedom of movement when transiting from A to B. Not standing out in a crowd limits further scrutiny and reduces the chances of you becoming a target.

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