October? Already? Really?


And just like that, we are already in the middle of October! Could this year go any faster?

Let me begin with the biggest news that has captivated the world’s attention for weeks: the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Like many others, when I first heard the news that the Queen had passed away, I genuinely believed it was a joke or that someone at Buckingham Palace had made a mistake. The Queen had passed away, and I realised this when I hurried to the television to switch on the news. She was one of those people who, like many others, thought she would always be around as they grew up. I never imagined she’d pass away.

So lets talk about IMPERIUM now that we are on Edition 4, which is even bigger and better. This Edition brings a new topic where we put a spotlight on a CEO and discover what makes them successful. We have a total of four interviews with some of the most talented individual­s from around the world. Our featured chef is Mahmut Im onboard motor yacht Orient Star, which was organised by the amazing team at Camper & Nicholsons and I have a conversati­on with Scott Thomson who is the CEO of Astley Clarke, one of my favourite jewellery brands in the UK.

More than eleven features from companies like Feadship, Monte Carlo yachts, and

HomeHunts are packed inside our Air Land Sea section. One of the most notable stories is Boom Supersonic, in which I wonder why we don’t have any supersonic aircraft although all other forms of transporta­tion have become quicker.

And when it comes to travel, we explore Qatar, which will soon host the World Cup, as well as some of this gorgeous nation’s lesser-known regions. Will Our Thirst For Travel Ever Be Satisfied? is a crucial topic posed by one of our own contributo­rs, Yustine.

And finally, in order to better IMPERIUM and our future content, we are also surveying readers from all around the world. Visit our IMPERIUM website if you have a moment to participat­e.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this 4th Edition.

Until next time...


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