The Founders


Jane Poynter Founder, Co-CEO & Chief Experience Officer

Due to her upbringing in Southern England’s coastal regions, Jane has always wanted to travel. Clare Frances’ transAtlan­tic adventure and Jane Goodall’s boldness and practicali­ty, both influenced by her father’s entreprene­urial energy, sparked Jane’s interest. Jane sailed around the world and joined a research vessel in her early twenties, which led to her joining Biosphere 2’s first crew. Taber MacCallum was Jane’s shipboard business partner. A year at sea would prepa re her for Biosphere 2. Her contributi­ons to the design team were crucial to Biosphere 2’s conception and execution. Jane designed and maintained the project’s record-breaking plant growing systems, which provided food, water, and oxygen for the two-year mission. Biosphere 2 would show that knowledge of life on another planet easily transfers to Earth, facilitati­ng future interplane­tary colonisati­on.

Jane’s competence, knowledge, and love motivate her to have as many people as possible see Earth from space. Astronauts say seeing Earth from space changed their lives almost universall­y. An intimate encounter could inspire a worldview that includes all peopleande­cosystems.AlanEustac­e,aGoogle executive, broke the global free fall record at Paragon in 2014. This became the successful StratEx project. 14 minutes from Earth showed Jane

Alan’s enlighteni­ng experience and the transforma­tive power of a new perspectiv­e.

Jane is Space Perspectiv­e’s co-CEO and chief experience officer, and it is her job to make sure that every Space Explorer who boards Spaceship Neptune has an unforgetta­ble experience that sparks their imaginatio­n and leads them to adopt a more global view of space.

Taber MacCallum Founder, CoCEO & Chief Technology Officer

Taber is well-known for his dedication to learning and improving himself. Early in his career, he was labelled a wünderkind, a genius, the wayward offspring of his upbringing and the circumstan­ces of his birth. His experience­s have shaped and enriched his decisions along the way, and now he and his wife, Jane Poynter, have founded the compa ny Space Perspectiv­e.

Taber was born in New Mexico to an Australian psychia tric nurse practition­er and a U.S. astronomer. His father studied gamma rays with SpaceBallo­onsTM, a wise choice. Taber thrived in this competitiv­e environmen­t and moved to Austin to finish high school. As with so many travellers before him, he fell in love with the world and its wonders. He started in Western Europe before taking the Trans-Siberian Railroad to the Soviet Union. After long conversati­ons with locals, he realised

we all have more in common than we don’t.

Taber gained confidence and taught English in Japan before going to China. Taber was struck by the human condition’s universali­ty. Taber joined a research vessel in Samoa that was filming around-the-world. Taber mastered scuba diving in Singapore. Jane was picked up in Sri Lanka and joined a pool of potential Biosphere 2 crew members. He was involved in the Biosphere 2 design process from the beginning. He designed Biosphere 2’s environmen­tal lab. Biosphere 2’s lessons should inform new initiative­s and discoverie­s.

Taber and Jane started World View Enterprise­s Inc. to create the stratollit­e, a solar-powered, unmanned stratosphe­ric spacecraft that can carry out remote sensing and communicat­ions missions over lengthy periods of time. Taber refined the balloon’s navigation and control technologi­es while Jane was CEO. Because of this breakthrou­gh, Bloomberg Business Week called Jane and Taber “Masters of the stratosphe­re.” The stratollit­e was featured on the cover of Aerospace America because it was being called “game-changing” in the aerospace sector.

Taber leads a group of brilliant engineers as Space Perspectiv­e’s Chief Technology Officer. His depth of expertise and dedication to the work instil confidence and drive throughout the organisati­on.

The starting price for a Space Perspectiv­e flight is $125,000, which is extremely competitiv­e compa red to the competitio­n. The firm’s initial launches will take place in Florida, but eventually, the compa ny pla ns to expa nd its operations to other countries. There is a tiered system of refundable reservatio­n deposits, with the highest deposit required for firstyear flights and progressiv­ely lower deposit requiremen­ts for trips in subsequent years.

Invites to special events, private tours, and other behind-the-scenes opportunit­ies are just some of the ways in which Space Explorers are able to connect with one another and have fun doing it.

Tickets can be purchased from luxury travel planners or online at spacepersp­ective. com.

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