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The glugged mag­got trick

Ade’s bait prepa­ra­tion starts well be­fore he gets to the bank. A pint of dead mag­gots and a bot­tle of liq­uid flavour­ing are the two es­sen­tial in­gre­di­ents. “The idea is to sat­u­rate my hook­bait in a pun­gent and colour­ful at­trac­tant that helps the fish find the hook­bait the mo­ment they ar­rive in the swim. “I pour a quar­ter of a bot­tle of Bait-Tech Preda­tor Plus liq­uid over a pint of dead mag­gots in­side a food bag and then shake it to evenly dis­trib­ute the flavour.” Although this makes them in­stantly more ef­fec­tive, Ade freezes the flavoured grubs so that they soak it all up and then de­frosts them the night be­fore his ses­sion. This causes the liq­uid to cling to the mag­gots for longer once un­der­wa­ter. The juiced-up of­fer­ings are only used on the hook as this makes them much more no­tice­able than if they were among a bed of bait that had been coated in the same man­ner. “A pint of dead mag­gots can last for months on end and I will have no hes­i­ta­tion freez­ing them again and again to keep them as fresh as pos­si­ble.”

Un­miss­able hook­baits

Take a look at the size of a carp’s mouth and it’s clear that they will have no trou­ble in­hal­ing a size­able meal. With that in mind Ade likes to use a big bunch of mag­gots on the hook. This also in­creases their vis­i­bil­ity and the amount of flavour in the wa­ter. “I put up to a dozen mag­gots on a size 12 hook be­cause I don’t be­lieve the fish are par­tic­u­larly tackle shy at this time of year. “They are too busy try­ing to beat other fish to the food so they are feed­ing with min­i­mal cau­tion and that is why you can get away with a big hook.” There are no pris­on­ers taken with the rest of the kit. Elas­tic is a 12-16 MAP TKS Twin Core while the rig in­cor­po­rates a 4x14 MAP MF1 float, 0.20mm main­line and a hook­length of the same to a size 12 VMC 7009b hook.

Clat­ter­ing bait in

Boosted mag­gots will pro­duce bites from a wide va­ri­ety of species from any area of your peg. But Ade has un­doubt­edly en­joyed most suc­cess in the mar­gins. Be­fore a baited hook en­ters the wa­ter he metic­u­lously plumbs up to find the re­quired depth of wa­ter. “At this time of year you want to find around one foot. This is enough for them to feed in con­fi­dently but they will also stay on the deck where they are eas­ier to catch. “In deeper mar­gins the fish can rise up off the deck to in­ter­cept loose­feed fall­ing through the wa­ter, mak­ing them harder to catch.” Pin­ning your float against the bank is also im­por­tant to pre­vent carp from get­ting around the back of your rig and brush­ing against the line. When fish are able to get around the rig they are more likely to give you line bites, dip­ping the float as they swim around and catch the main­line. When feed­ing, Ade adopts a lit­tle trick to steal fish from other pegs. Rather than ship the pole down the mar­gins and cup in his bait from a few inches above the wa­ter, he hoists the pole high be­fore drop­ping the free­bies over the zone. “Carp in com­mer­cials as­so­ciate noise with food en­ter­ing the wa­ter and this trick helps make a real racket that at­tracts the at­ten­tion of more fish.” Mag­gots may be on the hook but it is 4mm pel­lets that are loosefed. In or­der to keep all the bait in ex­actly the same spot where he in­tro­duced it, Ade uses Bait-Tech Sticky Method Pel­lets. “Once damp­ened they can be eas­ily formed into a ball which makes them sink quicker. They are also heav­ier than a tra­di­tional coarse pel­let which helps them stay in the same place, even when carp are waft­ing their tails over the top.” Give your hook­baits an edge this month and you’ll soon lose track of how many big carp you put in the net each time you get on the bank.

Carp are tackle shy at this time of year so you can get away with us­ing strong gear Damp­ened Method Pel­lets are squeezed into a ball be­fore feed­ing to make them sink quicker Big bunches of mag­gots are more vis­i­ble and will be picked up quicker

Ai­dan’s tackle:Pole: MAP 901 Elas­tic: MAP 12-16 TKS Core Main­line: 0.20mm MAP Power Op­tex Float: 4x14 MAP MF1 Hook­length: 0.20mm MAP Power Op­tex Hook: Size 12 VMC 7009b

Make your hook­baits more at­trac­tive and you won’t have to wait long in between bites

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