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As with any el­e­ment of fish­ing, giv­ing your­self too many op­tions of­ten leads to con­fu­sion. To make things as sim­ple as pos­si­ble Dar­ren has four mixes he re­lies on. “I only use one mix each ses­sion but, be­fore I go to the venue, I will con­sider the depth and species I am af­ter and then cre­ate the blend.

1. . Bream – shal­low wa­ter

“Although bream are a greedy species, I keep the food con­tent low be­cause I want to force them into quickly tak­ing my hook­bait. “I use an even blend of Bait-Tech Pro Nat­u­ral Dark and Pro Nat­u­ral Bream and put the lat­ter through a flour sieve to re­move all the big par­ti­cles. When blended to­gether they cre­ate a dark brown feed that is packed with Brasem at­trac­tant. I add a hand­ful of cast­ers and dead mag­gots so that there are a few hook­bait sam­ples. This means the one on the hook doesn’t look so sus­pi­cious.”

2. Bream – deep wa­ter

“It is im­por­tant that the balls of ground­bait get to the bot­tom in­tact when fish­ing for bream. If they break up on the way down they will cre­ate a cloud that will at­tract smaller sil­vers and the tar­get fish on the deck won’t ac­tu­ally get much of the food. “With this in mind you need to use a ground­bait that is sticky and binds well to keep the balls firmly to­gether un­til they hit bot­tom. I use an even mix of Bait-Tech Pro Nat­u­ral Bream and Pro Nat­u­ral Ex­tra. I also in­clude some heavy baits such as chopped worm to help the balls sink quickly.”

3. Roach

“Qual­ity roach ab­so­lutely love hemp so it is im­por­tant your mix con­tains lots of it. BaitTech Pro Nat­u­ral Fine con­tains that key in­gre­di­ent and Pro Nat­u­ral Dark makes the mix darker. This mix has no Brasem be­cause roach don’t re­ally like it.”

4. . Mixed sil­vers – deep wa­ter

“As when fish­ing for bream, it is im­por­tant that all of the bait gets down to the deck. But to give me a chance of catch­ing a mix of roach, skim­mers, perch and gud­geon I use a blend that has in­gre­di­ents they will all want. “The best blend for this type of fish­ing is with­out doubt Bait-Tech Pro Nat­u­ral Dark and Pro Nat­u­ral Ex­tra. It gets to the bot­tom quickly and is full of flavours and aro­mas that will ap­peal to all species.”

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