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Fol­low these sim­ple edges to en­sure your alarms keep scream­ing as we say good­bye to sum­mer

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AU­TUMN is one of the best sea­sons on the carp an­gling cal­en­dar. Af­ter the hot sunny sum­mer days when the carp were more in­ter­ested in spend­ing their time laz­ing around on the sur­face, their nat­u­ral in­stinct is to now feed up be­fore win­ter. This in­crease in feed­ing means that at any point dur­ing the day there will be carp feed­ing some­where on your cho­sen lake and ready for you to catch.

Bank­side com­fort

The days may still be warm and sunny at this time of year but the tem­per­a­tures can plum­met at night. Dig out the thicker sleep­ing and it’s prob­a­bly time to put at­tach the front on to your shel­ter again to en­sure you stay com­fort­able on the bank.

Cut out the oil

If you’re plan­ning on fish­ing a venue through­out the win­ter, this is the ideal time of year to start in­tro­duc­ing your cho­sen bait. With tem­per­a­tures start­ing to dip, stop us­ing prod­ucts which have a high oil con­tent.

Beat the fallen leaves

As leaves start to fall off the trees they lit­ter the lakebed. To en­sure that your hook­bait is well pre­sented and doesn’t be­come hid­den among the bot­tom de­bris, use pop-up rigs in­stead of bot­tom bait pre­sen­ta­tions.


Au­tumn is the ideal time to start a pre­bait­ing cam­paign. Nat­u­ral food sup­plies start to dwin­dle so the fish are much more likely to feed on your of­fer­ings. If you live close to your cho­sen venue try to visit the lake as of­ten as pos­si­ble and keep your spot primed with smaller amounts of bait. If it isn’t pos­si­ble to get to the lake on a reg­u­lar ba­sis, put out a larger amount of bait when­ever you can get there.

Add liq­uids

This is a quick and sim­ple way to in­stantly boost the at­trac­tion of your boilies. Pour­ing your cho­sen liq­uid flavour­ing over your baits the night be­fore a ses­sion will give the liq­uid time to prop­erly soak in and the baits will then slowly re­lease at­trac­tants once in the wa­ter.

Chang­ing lo­ca­tion

As au­tumn be­gins wa­ter tem­per­a­tures will still be rel­a­tively high and fish will in­vari­ably re­main in, or close to, shal­low ar­eas of the lake. Care­fully placed mar­ginal traps will still work well. As the sea­son pro­gresses and wa­ter tem­per­a­tures start to drop, the fish will start to move to deeper parts of the lake. Keep your eyes peeled for signs of fish ac­tiv­ity so that you know in which ar­eas they are spend­ing most of their time.

Trick wary fish with crumb

As pre­vi­ously men­tioned, boilies are an awe­some au­tum­nal bait. But if the fish in your lake have been heav­ily fished for with boilies for the en­tire year, the chances are they will have started to wise up to the lit­tle balls of food. Crumb­ing boilies will help to en­cour­age these fish to feed with con­fi­dence and will also re­lease their at­trac­tants quicker. A dumb­bell hook­bait is an­other great trick to fool carp that have wised up to round boilies straight out of the bag.

Boilies, boilies and more boilies

The weather was so hot this sum­mer that carp will have spawned at least a cou­ple of times. This means that they will need to pack on ex­tra weight be­fore win­ter. Good qual­ity boilies are un­doubt­edly the best bait to help fish get back into peak con­di­tion.

Cam­ou­flage your end tackle

As au­tumn pro­gresses you will no­tice the wa­ter clar­ity im­prove dras­ti­cally. For this rea­son it be­comes more im­por­tant than ever to match your end tackle to the type of lakebed you are fish­ing over to en­sure it blends in. The less vis­i­ble it is the less likely a carp is to spook from it. If you are fish­ing over soft silty ar­eas use black tub­ing or lead­core and darker hook­links. On clear gravel ar­eas fluoro­car­bon will be al­most im­pos­si­ble for fish to see.

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