Beat blanks with a mag aligner

This clas­sic pre­sen­ta­tion ac­counts for hun­dreds of carp ev­ery year when the tem­per­a­ture starts to drop. Here’s how to tie it...

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MAG­GOTS are one of those baits that can change a blank ses­sion into a fruit­ful one once win­ter sets in. Pre­sent­ing them can be a bit fid­dly, but the mag-aligner has proved it­self time and time again as a sim­ple and ef­fec­tive carp catcher. In fact, it is the ‘go to’ win­ter rig for many of the coun­try’s top carp an­glers. The rig in­cor­po­rates a fake mag­got pushed over the eye of the hook to cre­ate a line-aligner as op­posed to us­ing a sec­tion of shrink tub­ing. Not only does the mag­got help with the rig me­chan­ics, it cam­ou­flages the hook. It works best when fished with a large PVA mesh bag filled with mag­gots. This can ei­ther be fished on its own or over a bed of spod­ded mag­gots de­pend­ing on how hard you think the fish are feed­ing. Be care­ful not to squash or pierce any of the mag­gots in the PVA bag when you are at­tach­ing it to the hook oth­er­wise your bag will be­gin to melt be­fore you have cast out. Ex­per­i­ment with mag­got colour – on some wa­ters red works best whereas white can be more ef­fec­tive on oth­ers.

For safety rea­sons, al­ways en­sure the top bead can pass over any knot at the top of the leader in the event of a crack-off Match the lead to the dis­tance you are fish­ing at. A 2oz-3oz pear or square pear lead will suf­fice in most sit­u­a­tions A rub­ber rig sleeve kicks the hook­link away from the lead and keeps the pre­sen­ta­tion tan­gle-free

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