In what sit­u­a­tion would you not use a hook­length and fish the same line straight through to the hook?


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A hook­link of a finer di­am­e­ter line will al­ways get you more bites but ob­vi­ously it cre­ates a weak link, not good when fish­ing for big fish with large baits. In that sit­u­a­tion, binning the hook­link and fish­ing one strength of line all the way through to the hook will give you the max­i­mum chance of land­ing these spec­i­mens suc­cess­fully. Match an­glers fish­ing com­mer­cial fish­ery mar­gins of­ten fish what’s called ‘straight through’ to elim­i­nate this weak link. How­ever, if you are af­ter smaller fish, es­pe­cially on clear-wa­ter venues, a hook­length will catch you a lot more fish.

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