Rig school: pop-up dead­bait rig

The sim­ple leger rig with a buoy­ant bait that comes into its own on weedy venues. Com­bine it with a twitch and a watch­ing preda­tor will find it hard to re­sist...

Improve Your Coarse Fishing (UK) - - Inside -

APOPPED-UP buoy­ant dead­bait can be a par­tic­u­larly ef­fec­tive method of catch­ing pike, es­pe­cially on weedy venues where it is im­por­tant to present a bait clear of any ob­struc­tion. While it is pos­si­ble to sus­pend a bait un­der a float over weed, or fish a float pa­ter­nos­tered bait above weed, of­ten a sim­ple leger rig with a buoy­ant bait is the eas­i­est sys­tem to use. There are sev­eral ways of pop­ping-up baits, but this is one of the eas­i­est meth­ods and al­lows the rig to be eas­ily swapped from a pop-up to a bot­tom bait. Make sure that the poly­ball is se­curely fixed to the trace so that it can­not be lost and po­ten­tially swal­lowed by the pike. How high the bait should be popped-up is open to ex­per­i­men­ta­tion. Many an­glers sim­ply let the bait rise the length of the trace; around 18in, off the bot­tom, but by adding a few shot to the trace the bait can be sus­pended closer to the bot­tom or just tipped-up with the tail still rest­ing on the deck. By keep­ing the hooks away from any weed, popped-up dead­baits can also be twitched back to­wards the an­gler from time to time. Twitch­ing can of­ten in­duce a take from a watch­ing pike. Pop-ups have many uses in pike fish­ing and are a very pop­u­lar tweak to mod­ern dead­bait rigs.

A poly­ball adds buoy­ancy to the bait so it will sit above any weed or de­bris on the lakebed At­tach one set of tre­bles in the tail wrist and the other on the flank A wire trace pre­vents a hooked pike bit­ing through the rig

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