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With your seat­box plonked on the swim and a bomb rod set up, it is time to start ex­plor­ing your swim. Adam uses a tech­nique com­monly re­ferred to as ‘lead­ing around’ which in­volves cast­ing your bomb with­out a hooklength to dif­fer­ent ar­eas of the swim. “I al­ways use a half-ounce bomb when do­ing this. I cast out and count un­til I feel it hit the bot­tom. When the ten­sion dis­ap­pears and ev­ery­thing be­comes slack, the lead has hit the bot­tom.” As a sim­ple rule of thumb, Adam says that ev­ery count of 1.5 equates to 2ft of wa­ter. So if you counted to six then you’d have roughly 8ft of wa­ter where the lead landed. Once it has hit the deck Adam makes a men­tal note of where the bomb landed be­fore slowly re­triev­ing. “Wind­ing in slowly gives me an idea of the con­tours on the bot­tom. If I sud­denly feel I need to ap­ply pres­sure to keep the lead mov­ing then there could be weed beds or thick silt. “But if I wind in with­out any ob­struc­tions then I am con­fi­dent I have a clear area in which to place my rig.”

Ex­plore the swim

It is im­por­tant to cast to lots of dif­fer­ent spots within your swim to try and work out whether there are any vari­a­tions in depth. Deep holes are al­ways a hold­ing point for fish, as are clumps of veg­e­ta­tion close to is­lands. If you find a spot you fancy try­ing first, cast back to the very same spot and then clip up on your reel so you hit that zone with ease. It is also worth us­ing mea­sur­ing sticks be­hind your peg to de­ter­mine ex­actly how far out this area is. “I am un­likely to catch fish from the same spot all day so at some point I will need to take the line off the clip and cast to other places I think may hold fish. “That said, I al­ways look to re­turn later to places that have pro­duced bites. In or­der to make sure I am deadly ac­cu­rate I place two bank­sticks be­hind me 2m apart. With the clip still on, I keep wrap­ping the line off my reel around the sticks un­til I hit the clip. “If I wrap the line round 20 times then I know it is 40m out. When I want to try that spot again I sim­ply wrap my line around the sticks again 20 times and clip up. I can then fish again con­fi­dently, know­ing I am land­ing my rig on the ex­act same spot where it was ear­lier. “When the rig is fish­ing it is im­por­tant to con­stantly watch your tip. Slight twitches are likely to be fish brush­ing up against the line, and this in­di­cates you are in an area that could pro­duce bites. “If you go 10 to 15 min­utes with­out any move­ment on the tip then chuck else­where to try and find the fish.”

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