Spomb­ing maggots rig

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A Spomb isn’t just a tool for carp an­glers. It also de­serves a place in any perch an­gler’s ar­moury. Ef­fec­tive perch baits such as maggots, chopped worm, cast­ers and chopped prawns are easy enough to feed close in. Feed­ing ac­cu­rately at any sort of dis­tance is tricky, though. A Spomb al­lows you to quickly build a tight bed of bait at any range. This is a great edge on com­mer­cial wa­ters when fish­ing close to is­land fea­tures. And don’t worry about the noise it makes. Perch, like all preda­tors, are cu­ri­ous and will be at­tracted to any dis­tur­bance, par­tic­u­larly if it in­volves food or prey. One thing to re­mem­ber when leg­ering for perch is to use light bob­bins set with a long drop. When you get a bite, wait un­til the bob­bin cracks into the rod and ei­ther holds or the fish starts to take line. Oth­er­wise it could just be a big line bite which perch are known to give.

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