Q How much chopped worm should I feed for perch on canals at this time of year?

Improve Your Coarse Fishing (UK) - - Tactics - ED­WARD HUGHES, EMAIL

AIt’s easy to get car­ried away and pile in the feed, but you don’t have to feed masses to catch perch in win­ter. It would be very easy to fill them up with one big pot­ful of bait. Be­gin by feed­ing just two lob­worms and 10 den­dra worms finely chopped into a pulp, to which you can add 20 cast­ers. Finely chop­ping the worms won’t fill the perch up as rough chunks can. If the perch are at home and you catch, keep on go­ing un­til the bites die off com­pletely, which will be telling you that you’ve caught the perch which are in the area. Feed the same amount again, rest the swim and re­turn. More fish should have moved in and the name of the game is to carry on ‘fish­ing it out’. If you’re wait­ing five min­utes for a bite, don’t waste any more time – come off it and fish else­where, as it shows that no perch are at home.

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