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Lie-in lovers, re­joice! It seems that a lazy morn­ing in bed might just be what the doc­tored or­dered.

New re­search from the Ox­ford Aca­demic jour­nal, Sleep, found that those who use week­ends to catch up on their sleep had a lower body mass in­dex than those who didn’t. Ev­ery hour of ad­di­tional week­end sleep – that’s time spent sleep­ing beyond your usual week­day amount – low­ered the BMI of the par­tic­i­pants by ap­prox­i­mately 0.12; a small but signi cant amount.

Of course, this isn’t an ex­cuse to burn the can­dle at both ends dur­ing the week – sleep de­pri­va­tion over just two nights can cause your mood to de­cline, food crav­ings to spike and en­ergy lev­els to plum­met. But if you end up not quite get­ting those eight hours a night, you can rest easy in the knowl­edge that a Sun­day morn­ing lie-in will get your body back to its best.

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