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Anna, 28, Ed­in­burgh

“My mum has re­ally high stan­dards, and grow­ing up Christ­mas was built up to be this big, per­fect day where we would have a per­fect time as a per­fect fam­ily. In­evitably, it al­ways fell far short and the dis­ap­point­ment felt crush­ing. Once I got mar­ried I thought it would be easier to ne­go­ti­ate where to spend Christ­mas, but I think it ac­tu­ally leads you to a di er­ent limbo land. I don’t want to spend it at my in-laws’ (cold house, not veg­e­tar­ian friendly, con­ver­sa­tion that bor­ders be­tween in­tel­lec­tual de­bate and pas­sive ag­gres­sion), but nor does my husband, or me, want to spend it with my fam­ily (en­forced tra­di­tions, too much al­co­hol, out-and-out ar­gu­ments). Maybe when we have our own chil­dren we’re al­lowed to ig­nore both sets of par­ents, or they have to come to see us. My husband and I are both vets and I’m pray­ing that we’re both on call this year so we can avoid the whole thing.”

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