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Emma, 44, Cardi

“I don’t think Christ­mas has ever been ‘brilliant’, as it was just my mum, dad and me. My dad died of can­cer when I was 32, then ve years later, the day be­fore Christ­mas Eve, I called an am­bu­lance as my mum was very un­well. I was told she had stom­ach can­cer and had a few months to live. She died on 2nd Jan­uary, seven days af­ter I called the am­bu­lance. She was the last of my small fam­ily and the nurse had to give me a hug be­cause I had to go home and deal with it on my own. I have a son now and I try to make Christ­mas fun, but it’s only the two of us, so ev­ery other year he goes to his dad’s and again I am on my own. Friends do in­vite me over but to be in bustling com­pany with peo­ple who have fam­ily, part­ners, sib­lings and then to come back to si­lence, for me, is worse.”

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