Be­ing com­fort­able in your body

We be­lieve it’s time to change the con­ver­sa­tion from weight loss and ap­pear­ance to health and well­be­ing

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When you look in the mir­ror, how do you feel? Can you gaze at your re ec­tion with­out look­ing away? If we're to­tally hon­est, many of us are not happy with what we see. There’s an un­re­al­is­tic stan­dard of beauty out there that we com­pare our­selves to; a pres­sure for per­fec­tion cre­ated by ad­ver­tis­ing and our 24/7 so­cial me­dia cul­ture. We’re bom­barded with mes­sages that tell us that we’re not OK as we are.

The real pres­sures women face to­day lead to ap­pear­ance anx­i­ety and low body con dence. How­ever hard we try, we can never mea­sure up to that per­fect woman on our screens with the per­fect body, skin, hair, teeth.

She’s per­fect; we are not. But even if we were, we still wouldn't have to­tal body con dence. That’s the truth of it – body con dence has to come from within. And yoga can help.


Yoga is for ev­ery body. Any­one can prac­tise yoga, re­gard­less of age, size, gen­der, abil­ity. Yoga is a jour­ney that starts ex­actly where you are right here, right now. Ev­ery time you step onto the yoga mat, you will nd that place of quiet ac­cep­tance. You have shown up to hon­our this body which you in­habit. You can be no-one other than your­self. There is no need to look around, no need for com­par­i­son or com­pe­ti­tion. You are here for you. You and you alone. Sim­ply be. Be per­fectly im­per­fect. That is enough.


It is in bring­ing your at­ten­tion to your body, just as it is, that you will be­gin to discover how amaz­ing it is. Fo­cus on all the in­cred­i­ble things that your body can do; that your body does all the time with­out you even re­al­is­ing. Be grate­ful for that life-giv­ing breath that ows in and out of your body.

On the yoga mat, you learn to work with the body you have. It takes courage to drop the pre­tence and ditch the com­par­isons. It takes courage to stop try­ing to be some­one else or to im­press. But there’s a joy­ful lib­er­a­tion that comes with be­ing able to say: “This is me!”

Yoga hon­ours the dif­fer­ences in our bod­ies. Peo­ple are in­her­ently de­signed to be thin­ner, heav­ier, shorter or taller than oth­ers. All are ac­cepted on the path of yoga. All good yoga teach­ers can of­fer the right modi cations and props to make yoga poses ac­ces­si­ble to ev­ery­one. Tak­ing the time to re­ally care for the body you have can be key in break­ing the cy­cle of pres­sures around beauty and ap­pear­ance anx­i­ety.

Look­ing good mat­ters, but feel­ing good is far more im­por­tant. Car­ing for body, mind and spirit through yoga, med­i­ta­tion, mind­ful liv­ing and healthy eat­ing mat­ters and www.yo­ga­mat­ters. com has many great books, gifts and essen­tials to sup­port you on this jour­ney to­wards health and well­be­ing.


Lov­ing your­self is not ego­tism. Self-love grows out of an hon­est re­spect for your­self, re­gard­less of any aws you may think you have. Body con dence is not built on per­fec­tion – it comes from learn­ing to love your­self as you al­ready are.

It is as you travel on this jour­ney of yoga and med­i­ta­tion that you will fully un­der­stand and ac­cept the essence of your unique space in the world. You will come to cel­e­brate that who you are is who you’re meant to be.

Yo­ga­mat­ters can sup­port you in this ad­ven­ture to­wards body con dence. Visit www.yo­ga­mat­ to­day.

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