En­joy the peace and pos­i­tiv­ity of yoga and med­i­ta­tion from the com­fort of your own home with EkhartYoga

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One of the best things about yoga – aside from the ben­e­fits it of­fers the mind and body – is how easy it is to prac­tise without leav­ing the house. Do­ing it alone in­stead of at­tend­ing a class may seem a lit­tle daunt­ing if you’re a begin­ner, but it couldn’t be sim­pler or more en­joy­able thanks to EkhartYoga, Europe’s largest on­line yoga stu­dio.

EkhartYoga was born from founder Es­ther Ekhart’s dream of shar­ing her love of yoga with oth­ers, and cre­at­ing pos­i­tive change and trans­for­ma­tion through the prac­tice has al­ways been at the heart of it. The on­line yoga hub is home to a wide va­ri­ety of classes for the body and mind, from dy­namic yoga prac­tices to deep med­i­ta­tion and ev­ery­thing in be­tween. The classes are led by ex­pe­ri­enced teach­ers, each with an in­di­vid­ual teach­ing style but a shared ethos of func­tion over form. EkhartYoga’s classes are a great way to try out dif­fer­ent types of yoga and med­i­ta­tion with the guid­ance of pro­fes­sion­als – the teach­ers will per­son­ally an­swer any ques­tions you have and the be­hind-the-scenes team is also there to sup­port you.

Prac­tis­ing yoga at home of­fers you greater flex­i­bil­ity and it re­quires a lot less time and prepa­ra­tion than go­ing to a class, al­low­ing you to hit the mat when­ever it takes your fancy. With EkhartYoga, calm and clar­ity are never far from reach – wher­ever you may be. Try the fol­low­ing yoga poses and med­i­ta­tion to ex­pe­ri­ence the ben­e­fits for your­self.


This is a great pose for stretch­ing the hips, back, shoul­ders and arms, re­liev­ing stress and calm­ing the body and mind. Kneel on the floor, spread your knees as wide apart as feels com­fort­able, bring your big toes to­gether and stretch your arms out on the floor in front of you. Ex­hale and bring your belly to rest be­tween your thighs, low­er­ing your but­tocks to­wards your heels. Lengthen your spine and rest your fore­head on the floor or a block, breathe into your back then breathe out. You can stay in this pose for 30 sec­onds up to a few min­utes.


This pose stretches the chest and spine, strength­ens the legs, glutes and up­per back, and can im­prove diges­tion and re­duce back­ache and headaches. Start by ly­ing on your back with your arms by your body, then bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor about hip­width apart. With your feet par­al­lel to each other, press your up­per arms and feet into the floor and lift your hips up to­wards the ceil­ing, mov­ing your breast­bone to your chin. Take be­tween five and 15 breaths and then slowly bring your hips back to the floor and come out of the pose.


This pose strength­ens and stretches the legs, an­kles and knees, in­creases flex­i­bil­ity in the shoul­ders and opens up the sides of the body for eas­ier breath­ing. Stand with your legs about one me­tre apart, toes point­ing di­ag­o­nally out­wards, then bend your knees and lower your hips as deep as feels com­fort­able. Lean your right hand or el­bow on your right knee and raise your left arm above your head while twist­ing and open­ing your chest to­wards the ceil­ing. Take be­tween five and 15 breaths in this pose and then re­peat on the other side.


Find a com­fort­able seated po­si­tion on a chair, yoga mat or cush­ion. Take a mo­ment to let your weight sink into what­ever you’re sit­ting on, notic­ing the sup­port be­neath you. Re­lax your mus­cles and be­come aware of your sur­round­ings, in­clud­ing sounds, without en­gag­ing with what’s go­ing on around you. When you’re ready, fol­low the steps below:

Take a deep breath in, and feel your body as you in­hale.

Take a long breath out, and feel your body as you ex­hale.

Fol­low your nat­u­ral breath, aware of the in­hala­tions and ex­ha­la­tions. Feel the breath mov­ing through your body.

Close your eyes and keep fo­cus­ing on your breath for the next few min­utes.

Grad­u­ally start to bring your at­ten­tion back into the room and no­tice the sounds around you. When you’re ready, open your eyes.

Take a mo­ment to no­tice if you feel dif­fer­ent af­ter­wards.

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