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Sporting Achievemen­t SHERBORNE PREP

The Dorset school’s bespoke all-inclusive approach to teaching sport equips pupils with a habit and mindset they can take with them through life


Sport plays an important role in life at Sherborne Prep for all its pupils. The spirit that pupils approach sport with and the way they seize all of the opportunit­ies on offer is central to all that is great about the school.

“Winning the ISOTY 2021 Award for Sporting Achievemen­t has meant such a lot to us as a whole school,” says Head Natalie Bone. “We’re extremely proud of our FMS UK partnershi­p, and have developed and redefined our physical education programme to ensure every child creates their own sporting habit for life.”

Sport is far more about having fun and building a lifelong desire to participat­e than ‘the final score’ at Sherborne Prep. The sports department wanted to design and deliver a programme that would equip pupils with the right physical, tactical and technical tool kit to take a positive attitude and create a sporting habit for life. This equips them with the skills and understand­ing to improve their own functional movement, so that they can access all areas of the school’s sporting curriculum.

Sherborne Prep screens its pupils regularly throughout the year and provides them with a personalis­ed set of exercises that contains an individual­ised movement skills developmen­t plan connected to posture, breathing and the wider benefits of physical wellness in the classroom.

Sherborne is also advocating schools take a fresh look at fixture programmes to move away from the gender bias and stereotype­s in evidence within co-educationa­l settings. The pupils do enjoy and relish the chance to play with their friends, and of course, the balance of some single sex sessions is important.

That said, how many other department­s or aspects of school life separate the girls and boys as clearly as sport?

As a school, it’s fully committed to an inclusive approach, with all pupils regularly representi­ng the school. Sherborne’s policy ensures game time for all and captains are rotated to develop leadership opportunit­ies. Running alongside this approach is a real layer of success, which in the last year alone includes regional and national recognitio­n in major sports (several trophies are in the bag already this year) and a host of pupils are involved in regional pathways for hockey, netball and cricket. Pupils are also succeeding on a regional and national level in the individual sports including horse riding, tennis, gymnastics and swimming. The school has two Team GB representa­tives in skiing and sailing respective­ly, and pupils regularly gain senior-school sport scholarshi­ps.

This is an exciting time for the school and the sports department. Post-merger with Sherborne School, the collaborat­ion across the two schools is developing fast, with even greater access to first-class facilities and coaching with a new sports hall under constructi­on. The prep school is also working hard to continue growing its community links. It has positive relationsh­ips with local karate, hockey, cricket and swimming clubs, and is now building plans with the local tennis and golf clubs with the fundamenta­l aim of providing its pupils with an even richer and broader sporting experience. sherbornep­


 ?? ?? The aim is for each and every pupil to develop a
sporting habit for life
The aim is for each and every pupil to develop a sporting habit for life

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