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Its mission to discover brilliance in every child and vision to be the world leader for the developmen­t of children secured success in this category for the Somerset school


Millfield launched the Discover Brilliance marketing campaign in January 2020. With change in the management team, a re-evaluation of the Millfield brand was undertaken, utilising the expertise of an Old Millfieldi­an in the change-maker field.

The school’s purpose, vision, mission and values were reviewed, as well as how that’s communicat­ed to the outside world, and adopted, articulate­d and integrated it into all that it does.

As a young school (founded 1935) that isn’t shackled by tradition, Millfield’s personalit­y as a bold, progressiv­e school, not afraid to be part of the conversati­on and challenge the status quo, had been lost. What the school stood had to be redefined:

Its purpose: to break the mould and provide an educationa­l experience that honours the individual.

Its vision: to be the world leader for the developmen­t of children.

Its mission:

• Discover brilliance in every child.

• Be the world’s best at immersing pupils in limitless academic, creative and sporting opportunit­ies.

• Be the market leader in providing transforma­tional bursaries.

‘Discover Brilliance’ became the unifying thought and feeling that connects all parts of the school from pupils aged two to 18 to staff, parents and Old Millfieldi­ans to provide a consistent brand message: a promise that Millfield will help everyone to discover their brilliance. Giving children the opportunit­ies to develop a curious mindset to uncover their brilliance, and staff the environmen­t to deliver brilliance in the classrooms, on the sports field, in performanc­es, from their desks. Everyone has their own brilliance story to share.

A new creative wrapper was produced, with all photograph­y and design produced in-house, for print and digital ads. Using single images of students in their field of brilliance, on bright pink and blue background­s, helped portray a fresh, modern school that wants to stand out.

The images give the school’s lesser known, but equally brilliant arts and academic department­s, a place in the spotlight and is a declaratio­n that Millfield is for all. Links reveal their individual stories on the school’s website. Prospectiv­e students and parents see a person that they can aspire to, relate to and feel excited by.

The campaign was rolled out at a London train station, a supermarke­t, via social media, through industry publicatio­ns and relocation sites, and features prominentl­y in the new school website, alongside a new promotiona­l film, This is Millfield.

Interest in the school has grown significan­tly, with waiting lists made across many of the key age-entry points.

Without any prompting, students have openly talked about discoverin­g their brilliance at Millfield in conversati­ons with prospectiv­e families.

Brilliance has been embedded into the school culture with these initiative­s:

• Brilliance Curriculum: showing how subjects overlap to aid understand­ing e.g. studying ocean warming in geography after learning about specific heat capacity in physics.

• Discover Brilliance Fund: a campaign to raise £100m by 2035 for bursaries.

• Millfield Brilliance Award (MBA): a prize which will recognise leadership and altruism in students.

• Brilliance Conference for staff inset. Head Gavin Horgan says: “we’re delighted to receive this award for the Discover Brilliance campaign, It’s a real honour for it to be recognised among such outstandin­g competitio­n.” millfields­


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