Louise has a night­mare of a week


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Louise is the lat­est vic­tim to fall foul of vile Kee­gan this week, as the school bully spreads some vi­cious ru­mours about her!

When Louise hears the aw­ful things that Kee­gan has been say­ing, she’s dis­traught, and nat­u­rally de­nies every­thing.

But as her so-called friends Alexan­dra and Madi­son add fuel to the fire, will Louise fi­nally re­alise that the mean girls are not to be trusted?

“Th­ese things that Kee­gan is say­ing about Louise are de­spi­ca­ble,” sighs our Wal­ford in­sider. “But sadly it doesn’t take long for the gos­sip to spread, and soon the whole school is talk­ing about her! Poor Louise is hu­mil­i­ated, and has no idea who to trust.”

With ev­ery­one whis­per­ing be­hind her back, em­bar­rassed Louise tries her best to avoid boyfriend Travis, wor­ried that he’ll be­lieve all the things that are be­ing said about her. How­ever, one per­son she does de­cide to con­fide in is her old pal Bex – who turns out to be a huge sup­port to Lou dur­ing this dif­fi­cult time.

While ev­ery­body else is cast­ing as­per­sions on Louise, car­ing Bex takes the time to lis­ten to her friend’s side of the story. And as more ru­mours be­gin to surface, Bex takes charge of the sit­u­a­tion and makes sure that Louise is armed with all the facts be­fore she jumps to any con­clu­sions.

So could this un­for­tu­nate turn of events lead to a proper rec­on­cil­i­a­tion be­tween the girls – or is it too lit­tle, too late?

“No­body would blame Bex if she turned her back on Louise right now,” in­sists our mole. “Af­ter all, Louise stayed quiet and did noth­ing while Alex and Mads made Bex’s life a mis­ery. Luck­ily for Louise, Bex is far too nice to do the same thing and let her friend suf­fer through this alone. In fact, she’s a tower of strength in Louise’s time of need.”

De­spite hav­ing Bex by her side, Louise’s week is set to get worse as more shocks come her way – and Kee­gan’s ru­mours con­tinue to have

Bex is far too nice to let her friend suf­fer through this alone – she’s a tower of strength”

se­ri­ous reper­cus­sions. With Bex’s help, Louise is fi­nally able to open up to step­mum Sharon and tell her ex­actly what’s been go­ing on. But how will Sharon re­act when she re­alises that Louise has been suf­fer­ing in si­lence?

Louise re­ceives a text that in­forms her of the lies be­ing spread

Travis squares up to Kee­gan – will Lou’s boyfriend fight her corner?

The Mitchell teen is caught be­tween a rock and two hard places

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