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It’s easy to forget Amy Barlow is just 13 years old, but when Elle joins Bev on our shoot wearing her real-life school uniform, we’re reminded that both the character and actress have had to grow up fast! And like Amy, 14-year-old Elle has a wise head on young shoulders…

Amy is definitely Tracy’s daughter, isn’t she?

Oh yeah, I think people can see how Amy has grown up to be like her mum. She can be quite nasty when she wants to be, but I love that she has a bit of spice to her.

Do you watch Kate Ford, aka Tracy, and take tips from her?

I think I’ve just picked it up as I’ve gone along. And it’s easy to play because Tracy and

Amy are written for so well.

Are you anything like Amy in real life?

[laughs] She’s headstrong, and so am I. I know what I want, so I’m a bit like her in that way.

At any point did you think Amy was the one who pushed Ken?

There was a moment when I considered it, but deep down I knew she hadn’t. Amy wouldn’t do that to her grandad – she loves him!

What do you remember from being seven and getting the job?

You never expect to go to an audition and end up in one of the biggest shows on TV – and being part of two of the most popular families. I remember doing the audition and worrying that the other person was going to get the part. My cardigan was buttoned up wrong, and I had beans down my top. I also said my line wrong!

Amy has some great one-liners. Can you pick a favourite?

I had a scene with Georgia May Foote [who played Katy Armstrong], and Amy said to her character, “Your skirts are way too short and you wear too much make-up”. That was funny!

What’s the best thing about having Bev as your on-screen grandmothe­r?

We laugh all the time, and we used to swap shoes in scenes constantly. At one point it was even written into the script. I was in a scene where Amy was lying on the couch wearing Liz’s heels, and Liz comes in asking where her shoes are. But now my feet are actually bigger than Bev’s.

What is coming up for Amy?

Let’s just say that she’s given a run for her money soon. Amy is used to bossing everyone around, but someone will put her in her place!

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