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is­sue oc­curs, though, when he op­er­ates on a poorly cat and the beloved pet dies. Rhona finds him in tears af­ter the trau­matic pro­ce­dure, and it’s ev­i­dent that he’s not cop­ing.

“The cat’s death is not in any way Paddy’s fault, he wasn’t med­i­cally neg­li­gent,” in­sists Do­minic. “But he makes the mis­take of say­ing, ‘I want to speak to the owner’, which he didn’t need to do. Paddy ends up mak­ing a mess of that be­cause he han­dles it badly, and this cat’s death af­fects him more than an an­i­mal death usu­ally would.”

Paddy’s in­ner tur­moil is eat­ing him up in­side, but for Chas it’s ut­terly mad­den­ing. She feels as though she can’t go on try­ing to cope with her pain and feel­ing so es­tranged from Paddy.

“There is a def­i­nite risk that this could break them,” ad­mits Do­minic. “They have a rocky road ahead. Paddy has been ar­tic­u­late about the fact that he can’t feel emo­tional and hasn’t shed a tear. It makes him feel like a bar­bar­ian, and it’s driv­ing him in­sane. I’m de­lighted Em­merdale has kept go­ing with this story, or else it would have done the peo­ple who’ve re­ally been through this a dis­ser­vice. It’s un­com­fort­able, but it needs to be done.” Em­merdale’s de­ci­sion to show the com­pli­cated as­pects of grief is one of the most im­por­tant parts of Paddy and Chas’ story. For Do­minic, it’s been en­light­en­ing.

“It’s fas­ci­nat­ing to find out how hu­man be­ings grieve, be­cause it’s messy and clumsy and there’s no straight­for­ward way to do it,” he shares. “There are no text­books to tell you what to do, and so many things like our back­grounds and ev­ery­thing we’ve been through feed into it.”

The truth is that plenty of peo­ple go into a state of numb­ness and shut down emo­tion­ally when they lose some­one – and Do­minic in­sists that re­ac­tion isn’t wrong.

“As an ac­tor, you want a de­gree of sym­pa­thy, so you think, ‘Oh, do I want to be do­ing that?’” says the ac­tor of Paddy’s be­hav­iour. “But it’s true to life, and so I’m glad to be ser­vic­ing that story.”

Chas is find­ing Paddy’s ac­tions tough to han­dle

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