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De­ranged ma­niac Finn Kelly is back this week, and ends up pushed over the edge of a cliff! But who is re­spon­si­ble for the deadly shove – Susan, Bea, Elly or Xan­the?

Finn makes his come­back when Bea re­turns to the re­mote cabin where the vil­lain had pre­vi­ously been hid­ing out. Search­ing for clo­sure, Bea is hor­ri­fied as she comes across the twisted psy­chopath him­self!

“Finn has had some time out,” ex­plains Rob Mills, who plays the tor­men­tor. “Ob­vi­ously, you can’t lock three peo­ple in a ship­ping con­tainer and ex­pect to get away with it! The po­lice are look­ing for him, so he’s been wait­ing for the heat to sub­side. Now he’s back for re­venge!”

As Bea tries to stay calm, Finn toys with her, claim­ing he wants to make amends. Try­ing not to in­flame the sit­u­a­tion, Bea plays along, say­ing she never stopped lov­ing him.

“Finn tries to woo Bea again,” Rob tells us. “He’s so creepy! Al­though he’s psy­chotic, he has def­i­nite feel­ings for her. He loves her, but he’s dream­ing of both Elly and Bea. That’s the thing he can’t let go.

He’s such a weird guy.”

In Ram­say Street, Susan, Elly and Xan­the re­alise where Bea has gone, and set off to find her. So af­ter she hits Finn and flees, Bea is re­lieved to find the oth­ers. It’s only a tem­po­rary re­prieve, though – and soon they’re all con­fronted by Finn on a cliff’s edge!

“Finn is like a kid in a candy store!” chuck­les Rob. “It’s the four girls who’ve been the most im­por­tant peo­ple in his life – and he’s got them all to­gether!”

The per­ilous sit­u­a­tion that un­folds re­sults in Finn ly­ing at the bot­tom of the cliff. But as the women re­solve to keep quiet about what hap­pened, is Finn truly dead? Rob says that he loved shoot­ing these ex­cit­ing clifftop scenes…

“They had nine cam­eras, and we usu­ally have two,” he grins. “It was re­ally well shot. Be­fore the stunt guy came in, I nearly fell off that cliff – and all the girls freaked out! I mean, I was a good 30cm away, yet I still got pretty close to the edge, so their fear is all real. But I didn’t have to do the ac­tual stunt where Finn goes over.

“The stunt guy was amaz­ing – it was ter­ri­fy­ing. It was a good cou­ple of days film­ing, though it was ab­so­lutely freez­ing!”

“Finn is so psy­chotic – he’s back for re­venge!”

Finn has Bea right where he wants her

The four women are left reel­ing by what un­folds

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