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“Ken would have been ad­vised to stick to his ear­lier writ­ing style – gritty re­al­ism. Kitchen-sink drama. It’s a fas­ci­nat­ing British cul­tural move­ment: so­cial re­al­ism. The ur­ban pro­le­tariat in the in­dus­trial north that is and

A Kind Of Lov­ing, Billy Liar Sat­ur­day Night and Sun­day Morn­ing.”

…and, of course – as Roy is not quite say­ing – the early years of Coro­na­tion Street.

“It’s a slip­pery slope. One minute you’re sat there with a box-set and a take-out… The next, the fire bri­gade are try­ing to haul you out of the sofa you’ve been glued to by your own tears. No man’s worth that.”

Leyla knows how im­por­tant it is to move on af­ter a messy break-up.

“I want to be a Par­a­lympian. Foot­ballers are pam­pered mil­lion­aires who roll around cry­ing when they’re tack­led.”

When life gives you le­mons, make lemon­ade.

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