Hay­ley aban­dons her baby girl!


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“Now the baby has ar­rived, Hay­ley is just in a daze…”

New mother Hay­ley re­turns to Al­bert Square with her baby daugh­ter this week – and then makes a spurof-the-mo­ment de­ci­sion to give her tiny child away!

When the young mum ar­rives back home in a cab, she sud­denly re­alises that she doesn’t even have the money to pay the driver. For­tu­nately, though, Carmel spots what’s hap­pen­ing and steps in to give the cab­bie his fare. How­ever, Hay­ley’s trou­bles are far from over, and she starts to go down a very dark path…

“Hay­ley has been fran­tic with worry about hav­ing this child for months, but now it’s fi­nally ar­rived, she’s just in a daze,” reck­ons our Wal­ford snoop. “She’s not think­ing clearly, and she needs some proper help. Of course, Hay­ley is far too stub­born to ac­cept it, and no one re­ally un­der­stands the true ex­tent of her de­pres­sion.”

While the rest of her clan are out look­ing for her, Hay­ley re­turns to No 31 and col­lects some baby items from the house. Pan­ick­ing, she heads over to the Ahmeds’ home, where she leaves the lit­tle girl on their doorstep, along with a hastily scrib­bled note ask­ing the fam­ily to look af­ter her!

She then runs off to find her own mother, Bev.

“The fact that Hay­ley has gone back to her mum is an in­di­ca­tor of the strange place she’s in right now,” reck­ons our mole. “She can’t stand Bev, but from her per­spec­tive, this still seems like a bet­ter op­tion than look­ing af­ter this un­wanted child and fac­ing all the ques­tions about its fa­ther. Bev even cov­ers for Hay­ley when the other Slaters come look­ing for her. So can the pair man­age to heal the rift that ex­ists be­tween them?”

A lit­tle later, feel­ing guilty, Hay­ley re­turns to Al­bert Square, where she runs into Kat. Her rel­a­tive wastes no time in scold­ing her for run­ning away, and de­mands to know where the baby is. The two women soon get into a blaz­ing row, which re­sults in Hay­ley run­ning back to Bev.

Mean­while at the Ahmeds’, Mariam and Ar­shad no­tice some­thing wor­ry­ing about the baby, and they con­tact Hay­ley telling her to meet them at the hospi­tal. For­tu­nately, the lit­tle’un turns out to be fine, but when a so­cial worker turns up too, there are some wor­ry­ing mo­ments as she de­mands to know what’s re­ally been go­ing on. Mariam and Kat fight Hay­ley’s cor­ner, and the young mother even gives a few signs that she might be bond­ing with her child. How­ever, when Bev also turns up at the hospi­tal, she in­sists that the baby comes home with her!

“Bev was a ter­ri­ble par­ent to Hay­ley, so it’s wor­ry­ing to see her tak­ing charge here,” warns our snitch. “De­spite Kat’s pleas to come back to the Square with her child, Hay­ley in­stead fol­lows Bev home. Bev tries to en­cour­age Hay­ley and even tries to use it as a rea­son to fix the mis­takes of the past. But can Hay­ley gen­uinely trust her mum af­ter ev­ery­thing that’s hap­pened?”

Sur­pris­ingly, Bev is keen for Hay­ley’s baby to stay with her

Kat lays into Hay­ley for run­ning away from her prob­lems Hay­ley is strug­gling – but she has the sup­port of Kat and the Ahmed fam­ily

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