Carmel says an emo­tional good­bye to Kush and the Square


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It’s an emo­tional week for the Kazemis this week, as Carmel says a tear­ful good­bye to son Kush and Al­bert Square. She’s de­cided to start a new life in Dubai, where she can be close to son Dar­ius and try to move on af­ter Shakil’s hor­rific mur­der. How­ever, her other son Kush, al­though un­der­stand­ing of her rea­sons and sup­port­ive of her de­ci­sion, is still bereft at say­ing farewell to his mum. But be­fore she goes, Carmel has some un­fin­ished busi­ness to take care of.

“Ever since Shaki died, Carmel has been on a mis­sion to stop knife crime, so no other par­ent has to go through this un­bear­able loss,” our Wal­ford in­sider re­minds us. “It’s been very tough, es­pe­cially given the re­sis­tance she’s faced, yet the hard­est part of it was try­ing to get Kee­gan back on an even keel. And fol­low­ing his be­hav­iour on Hal­loween night, that task has been harder than she thought.”

With the events of the week be­fore still fresh in her mind, Carmel bus­ies her­self by hand­ing out some of Shakil’s pos­ses­sions to those who loved him. He was such a huge part of their lives, and Carmel wants the peo­ple who mat­tered to her son to have some­thing to re­mem­ber him by. The ef­fect his death has had on the com­mu­nity, par­tic­u­larly all of Shakil’s teenage friends, has been pro­found. Carmel doesn’t have much to con­sole her­self with, but know­ing his life made a dif­fer­ence is some­thing. All she can hope is that Kee­gan learns this les­son about him­self.

“She’s all set to head off, yet it’s vi­tal to her that she and Kee­gan have some clo­sure,” re­veals our spy. “Not only was Kee­gan her son’s best friend, but ob­vi­ously he was in­volved in the in­ci­dent that led to Shakil’s death. She hates the thought that this trauma could plague his life for­ever.”

Carmel has kept a close eye on her son’s best friend

Shakil’s teen friends have al­most been torn apart by his un­timely death Carmel is a changed wo­man from the one who ar­rived in Wal­ford

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