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Cor­rie’s four-han­der, fea­tur­ing the Bar­low fam­ily’s re­ac­tion to Sinead’s can­cer, was sub­lime. From Daniel’s dev­as­tat­ing dis­cov­ery to Peter’s rea­son­ing with him – and then Ken’s grat­i­tude and ad­mi­ra­tion for Peter, fol­lowed by his own prom­ise to do right by his kids – it was the strong­est episode of soap in a long time. No stunts or tricks… Just a blis­ter­ing script and top-drawer per­for­mances.

For­get the cus­tody bat­tle be­tween Char­ity and Ross. Moses Din­gle would be bet­ter off fend­ing for him­self on the mean streets of Hot­ten.

We can just about ac­cept a team of pub clean­ers wear­ing cos­tumes for Hal­loween… But not a pure white silk dress!

Hay­ley, des­per­ate to have sex to in­duce labour, chose Keanu. It’s good to know that – even at the end of her tether – she still has stan­dards…

Warn­ing! Take the wrong turn out of Wal­ford East tube and you could end up in a Charles Dick­ens novel.

The only things that are out of place in Cor­rie’s can­cer plot are Sinead’s eye­lash ex­ten­sions. They look like they’re about to scut­tle off and start a fam­ily of their own.

It Can Only Hap­pen In A Soap, No 347: Moira breezily giv­ing her hus­band ad­vice about how best to move on af­ter com­mit­ting mur­der.

Beth looks like what we imag­ine is the re­sult of typ­ing ‘Grease 2: Where Are They Now?’ into Google.

Bless Graham for still pulling on his three­piece ev­ery day, even when there’s noth­ing to do at Home Farm. Mate, no one’s go­ing to judge you for blob­bing in your track­ies for a bit.

It was nice how Char­lieStubbs popped back to see his old squeeze Tracy this week.

We’re not sure about the Street’s new so­lic­i­tor. He strikes us a bit of a soft touch.

Cor­rie’s Wil­liam Flana­gan is the ab­so­lute spit of his sis­ter Amelia when she was first cast in the Dales. Such a pretty fam­ily!

…if only she’d been equally picky nine months ago!

Carmel ly­ing to Kee­gan that he’d killed a boy was some dark stuff. Too dark for us. ‘Tough love’ doesn’t be­gin to cover it.

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