Sinead con­tin­ues ly­ing to Daniel


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Preg­nant Sinead de­cides she’s not go­ing through with the chemo­ther­apy for her can­cer this week, for the sake of her child. How­ever, she lies about her de­ci­sion to avoid wor­ry­ing hubby Daniel.

The head­strong woman has de­cided that it’s not fair to risk the health of her child, so is put in a very awk­ward po­si­tion when the hos­pi­tal calls her to ar­range her next chemo ap­point­ment. Af­ter Daniel an­swers her phone, she agrees to at­tend, but se­cretly tries to think of a way to get out of it with­out him re­al­is­ing.

Later, Sinead goes off for a home­o­pathic mas­sage, where she meets an­other young mum-to-be, St­eff.

St­eff tells Sinead that she also has can­cer, but has de­cided to ditch chemo­ther­apy in favour of home­opa­thy and a strict, adapted diet. Keen to hear more about it, Sinead in­vites her new-found pal over for a brew while Daniel is out.

Nev­er­the­less, Sinead still has to think of a way to stop her well-mean­ing hus­band from ac­com­pa­ny­ing her to the hos­pi­tal for her next ses­sion. She briefs St­eff to ring her mo­bile at an ar­ranged time, so she can pre­tend that it’s a call from the nurs­ing home, telling her that Flora is up­set. The plan works per­fectly, and Daniel rushes off to see Flora, leav­ing Sinead free to head straight back home!

When Daniel re­turns, Sinead tells him that the chemo was fine, and that she has de­cided to adopt a ve­gan diet to help her and the baby. Obliv­i­ous to her de­cep­tion, Daniel says he’ll change his eat­ing habits, too. How­ever, as St­eff tries to per­suade Sinead to come clean to Daniel about not hav­ing chemo, will she lis­ten to her friend’s ad­vice?

New friend St­eff has turned Sinead against tra­di­tional treat­ment

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