Deb­bie is evicted – and preg­nant?


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Deb­bie is left shocked and an­gry this week, as Graham evicts her from her home. But while she puts on a brave face when Priya hands her the no­tice, she’s hid­ing an­other big sur­prise – she could be preg­nant with Joe’s baby!

The drama comes as Deb­bie learns it was Graham who sent the text mes­sage from Joe’s phone, telling Deb­bie that he was ‘sorry’. Mean­while, her guilty dad Cain, who thinks he killed Joe, wor­ries that his se­cret is about to be re­vealed – and his tur­moil is made even worse when he’s given rea­son to sus­pect that Deb­bie is preg­nant by Joe…

“Deb­bie is full of fury, and it’s all di­rected at Graham now,” says our in­sider. “He’s lied and med­dled too many times in her life. Now she wants an­swers, and she’s not go­ing to stop un­til she gets them. Graham has made a big mis­take in cross­ing her.”

Af­ter Priya hands Graham the mo­bile be­long­ing to Joe, he knows the game is up with Deb­bie. How­ever, noth­ing can pre­pare him for her re­ac­tion when he apologises to her for send­ing the text. Upon hear­ing this, Deb­bie goes ab­so­lutely berserk at Graham, let­ting out all the pain and an­guish of the past few weeks. As Cain learns of his daugh­ter’s out­burst, he’s ter­ri­fied and tells Graham that they need to keep the sit­u­a­tion un­der con­trol. Nev­er­the­less, the very next day, Graham asks Priya to serve Deb­bie with an evic­tion no­tice, and it all kicks off again!

“Poor Deb­bie could be fac­ing a shock preg­nancy and be­ing home­less all at once,” whis­pers our snitch. “Cain can’t be­lieve that Graham could be so cal­lous and is stok­ing the fire again. Worse

Deb­bie wants an­swers – and she’s not go­ing to stop till she gets them!”

still, Graham gets drunk out of his head, and Cain fears that the truth could come out at any mo­ment. And if that hap­pens, they both stand to lose ev­ery­thing.”

As Cain works over­time to get Graham sober again, Deb­bie starts to for­mu­late a new plan. Mean­while,

Noah is wor­ried about Graham and when he floun­ders in Joe’s ab­sence, he asks Deb­bie for her help.

De­spite her ha­tred of Graham, she agrees to do what she can – be­liev­ing that she might find a chance to get Graham to talk about what hap­pened to Joe, and for her to get the an­swers she needs. She rea­sons that with a baby pos­si­bly on the way, none of them can af­ford to air­brush Joe out of their lives.

Is Deb­bie truly preg­nant? And if so, can Cain live with him­self be­liev­ing that he killed his grand­child’s fa­ther?

Deb­bie is evicted by Graham – but she re­fuses to take it ly­ing down…

Cain is des­per­ate that Graham keeps his mouth shut about what he did to Joe

Will Deb­bie be able to force some ex­pla­na­tions out of Graham’s drunken mouth?

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