Clive plans to sell a fake paint­ing


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Crim­i­nal Clive gets set to pocket a for­tune this week – and only Frank can stop him.

The scam­mer has done a great job of con­vinc­ing smit­ten Leyla that he’s a good guy but, in re­al­ity, Clive’s work­ing out how to swin­dle his next vic­tim.

When cul­ture vul­ture Pol­lard men­tions an art ex­hi­bi­tion is be­ing opened lo­cally, Clive is all ears and in­vites Leyla, Frank and Me­gan to go to the event with him. From the mo­ment he men­tions it, Frank’s sus­pi­cious of what Clive’s real in­ten­tions are, and tries to dig deeper into his for­mer cell­mate’s plan.

What Frank knows for sure is that Clive has no in­ter­est at all in the finer points of art crit­i­cism, nor does he wish to be­come a pa­tron for lo­cal cre­atives. So as he and the rest of their party ar­rive at the venue, Frank very care­fully watches Clive in ac­tion.

Ev­ery­thing be­comes clear when Pol­lard spots a buyer he knows called Eleanor and heads over to say hello. Clive ex­plains that Eleanor is his tar­get, and his plan is to flog her a fake paint­ing. Frank can’t be­lieve that the con man would be so bold as to op­er­ate this scam on their doorstep, or that Eleanor – a con­sum­mate art ap­pre­ci­a­tor – will even fall for his ruse.

Will Frank speak up and re­veal Clive to be the scam­mer he is, or will he let his old pal de­ceive Eleanor out of a lot of hard-earned cash?

Will Frank blow the whis­tle on Clive’s swin­dle?

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